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These Mysterious Landscapes Show An Artist’s Journey Through Depression

Giant owls in a black and white world.

When polish artist Dawid Planeta had depression he felt that everything around him was pointless. The one distraction that had meaning for him was making pictures.

To help him cope with his depression he created the art series Mini People; a dark and mysterious set of images in black and white, showing a figure on a journey, encountering a number of giant animals and strange objects in a dark jungle.

Planeta told Akita: “It’s all about how I felt facing things I didn’t understand, feeling emotions that I didn’t want to feel, being lost and misunderstood. I was making pictures that made me feel that way.

“That person [in the pictures] is part of me. That’s the part that felt scared and depressed, the part that felt lost.”

The monotone art was made in Photoshop. “When I started to do this series, I didn’t plan to show it to anybody – it was just for me,” Planeta says, “I wasn’t thinking if somebody would like it or not, or if it’ll help anyone else. It was just me trying to do something to distract myself from all the bad things in my head. When you do something creative, you can take your emotions and put them into it, which can help you to clean your head a little.”

Planeta sees the jungle in his pictures as the world of emotions. “When you were young, you visit the jungle all the time, you know every tree and all the animals, you live in the world of pure emotions.

“When you are growing older, sometimes you can lose the connection with your emotions and you don’t visit the jungle as often as you used to. The less you visit the jungle the more you forget about it, and the more you forget about it, the wilder and darker it becomes.

“When you decide to come back after many years, you feel completely lost, you don’t recognise the places you used to visit and don’t remember the animals that used to be your friends. You think about them as your enemies, when the real enemy is yourself.”



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Akita was granted permission to use images by Dawid Planeta.

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