These Detailed Pictures Of Amethyst And Topaz Crystals Are Definitely Not Photos

Hyperrealism meets crystology.

Toronto-based artist Carly Waito has mastered the art of painting crystals to such perfection that her work looks like beautiful photos.

Amethyst, 2009.
Dioptase, 2011.

Waito has painted crystals for eight years, including amethysts, smoky quartz and topaz, inspired by her interest in geology, geometry and light.

Hessonite, 2009.

Waito co-founded a ceramic art and design studio in 2005 and has been painting crystals since 2009. Her art statement says she “focuses [her] eye on a [crystal] specimen’s particular qualities, showing the beauty and magic that is present even in nature’s tiniest objects, if one looks closely enough and with a curious mind.”

Take a look through a selection of Waito’s stunning crystal art.

Vesuvianite, 2011.
Spessartine, 2010.
Amethyst Mountain, 2012
Topaz, 2010.
Barite 2, 2010.
Amethyst 4, 2010.
Sphalerite, 2010.
Bornite, 2009.
Rhodochrisite, 2009.
Amethyst 3, 2010.
Pyrite, 2010.
Smoky Quartz 4, 2011.
Smoky Quartz 5, 2011.
Smoky Quartz 3, 2011.

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Bornite Coated Chalcocite, 2011.
Pyrite Asteroid, 2013.

Akita was granted permission to use images by Carly Waito.

(H/T Colossal)

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