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A Street Artist Just Turned This Crumbling New York Building Into A Skull

When urban decay and art collide.

A grey concrete building in Greenpoint (the northernmost neighbourhood of Brooklyn in New York City) has been transformed into a grinning skull, courtesy of Street Artist Greg Suits (aka Suitswon).

These photos, by street and travel photographer Raphael Gonzalez, show the skull aligned to two holes on the side of a building.

The green weeds frame the empty eye sockets in this awesome coupling of city urban decay and stunning street art.

Gonzalez told Akita: “My first exposure to the skull was a photo posted on Instagram. I knew I had to see it in person and photograph it. I had a general idea of the location and set out to find it.

“When I did and found myself in front of it I was awestruck, the piece is an absolutely brilliant work and a stunning incorporation of the environment.”

The photographer found the street art had a profound effect on him: “In March I was seriously ill and very close to death. The day I shot the skull was the first time I picked up my camera in over six weeks and these are the first photos I took since my illness.

“The connection between skulls and death did not elude me and these shots have an extra significance to me.”

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Akita was granted permission to use images by Raphael Gonzalez.

(H/T Colossal)

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