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An Art Memorial Fund Has Been Set Up In Honour Of A Grenfell Tower Victim

Artist Khadija Saye died in the fire on 14 June.

Khadija Saye was an artist on the cusp of public recognition when she died alongside her mother in the Grenfell Tower fire in London on 14 June.

David Lammy / Twitter

The Khadija Saye Memorial Fund has been set up in memory of the 24-year-old artist, to “support young artists like Khadija to realise their potential.” The fund aims to raise £50,000 to provide art training, internships and mentoring for recipients.

The fund’s founders Nicola Green and Dave Lewis said: “Khadija was a true artist with a sensitive and generous singular vision, and will be missed by everyone who knew her. We have been inundated with messages of love and support over the last few days.”

Saye’s art has been displayed at London’s Tate Britain in a space that is reserved to honour an artist who has died. The work is called ‘Sothiou’, dated 2017, and is a silkscreen photo print on paper.

Khadija Saye ‘Sothiou’ 2017, courtesy of Jealous gallery and The Studio of Nicola Green / Tate Britain

Andrew Wilson, a Senior Curator at the Tate, said:  “By the time she was killed Khadija Saye was only just starting to get public recognition through her new body of work, Dwelling: in this space we breathe, a small group of which are currently on show in the Diaspora Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

“A silkscreen print of one of these photographs is now hanging in Tate Britain to celebrate Khadija’s achievement with these new works, and also to stand in some way as a means to remember her and her neighbours in the community in Grenfell Tower who were tragically killed on 14 June 2017.”

Khadija Saye ‘Sothiou’ 2017, courtesy of Jealous gallery and The Studio of Nicola Green / Tate Britain

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