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Portraits Seen Upside Down Look Like Aliens From Another Planet

Changing your perspective.

In her photo series ‘Alienation’, Anelia Loubser wanted to express her believe in the power of changing the way we see the world, by presenting human faces viewed upside down.

The Cape Town based photographer took a series of portraits showing only the eyes and forehead; when viewed upside down, our expectations are played with and the faces become nearly unrecognisable as human.

Loubser says: “‘Alienation’ became more than [a] statement that if you change the way you look at things … what you see changes. [It] became an insight into unexplored inner souls. I saw eyes on unfamiliar faces, and in them lay a whole galaxy of tales to tell. In their eyes I saw happiness, sadness, excitement, pain, love, curiosity, wisdom and wonder – all these familiar human emotions on unearthed faces.”


The photo series coincided with a personal transition for Loubser: “I craved change, but I simultaneously feared it – I didn’t really know how to implement changes in my life.

“However, making changes became a necessary challenge in my life. I had to make a conscious decision to change the way I see the world around me, how I see other people, and above all, how I see myself. What I found was overwhelming! There truly is beauty in everything around me, I only need to choose to see it.

“I wish to invite you, to change the way you look at things.”

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Akita was granted permission to use images by Anelia Loubser.

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