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This Dog Was Crowned The Most Adorable Pooch In An international competition

The Portuguese pup is called Yzma.

The Kennel Club, a British organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the welfare of dogs, have announced the winners of their annual Dog Photographer of the Year competition – the results are pretty heart-melting.

This is the overall winner: Maria Davison from Portugal and her image of an adorable puppy resting his head, which was placed first in the “Man’s Best Friend” category.

Davison said: “This image was already close to my heart and it is one of the photographs I am most proud of.

“It was not only a beautiful, real and candid moment I got to capture, but also a demonstration of the strong bond between one of my closest friends and her dog, Yzma.”

The international competition is in its 12th year and received over 10,000 photos of dogs of all breeds from around the world, including Canada, Russia, Brazil and New Zealand.

Other categories include: Dogs At Play, Dogs At Work, Puppy, Oldies and Portrait and Rescue Dogs. See all the rest of winners of the Dog Photographer of the Year competition.

1st place “Dogs at Play” – Kaylee Greer.


1st place winner “Dogs at Work” – Sarah Caldecott.


1st place “I love dogs because” – Julian Gottfried.


1st place winner “Oldies” – John Liot.


1st place “Portrait” – Anastasia Vetkovskaya.


1st place “Puppy” – Mirjam Schreurs.


1st place “Rescue” – Alexandra Robins.


1st place “Young Pup” – Dylan Jenkins.


1st place “Assistant Dog” – Alasdair MacLeod. This is rescued Greyhound Megan (owned by Linda Whitby) during a visit to a care home, seen here with RAF veteran Mr Duncan Currie, age 95, who is a former pilot for the Royal Air Force and has dementia.

If you’re still looking for more photos of delightful dogs then keep scrolling for the runners-up who made it into second and third places in each category.

2nd place “Assistant Dog – John Ferrett.


3rd place “Assistant Dog” – Julie Morrish.


2nd place “Dogs at Play” – Rodrigo Capuski.


3rd place “Dogs at Play” – Will Holdcroft.


2nd place “Dogs at Work” – Lucy Charman.


3rd place “Dogs at Work” – Peter Steffensen.


2nd place “I Love Dogs” – Summer Clark.


3rd place “I Love Dogs” – Kirsten van Ravenhordt.


2nd place “Man’s Best Friend” – Emma Williams.


3rd place “Man’s Best Friend” – Annemarie King.


2nd place “Oldies” – Igor Mysenhevych.


3rd place “Oldies” – Tracy Kirby.


2nd place “Portrait” – David Yanez.


3rd place “Portrait” – Noel Bennett.


2nd place “Puppy” – Tracy Kirby.
3rd place “Puppy” – Ruud Lauritsen.


2nd place “Rescue” – Martin Tosh.


3rd place “Rescue” – Kaylee Greer.

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